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Things that make me go “Hmmmm”

Some things have gotten me thinking, and questioning. Some things make me go “Hmmm.”

**How is it that everyone on GLEE can instantly break into song? And they know ALL the words. I mean, I would love to live in a world where we sing everything, but how would I remember all the words? Oh, yeah, it’s television.

**It seems that every year when womens conference comes around, the weather takes a dive. It was gorgeous weather last weekend, and even Monday of this week were warm and nice. But today–the day before we are scheduled to tromp all over BYU campus, we have gald force winds, snow, rain, hail, and the temps seem to be about 31 degrees out there. We’re not young students anymore. We can’t handle sludging around outside in the snow and rain. I may end up in the Marriot Center for the entire two days.

**The elementary school band concert. It makes me go “hmmm.” Bless their hearts, those kids are trying very hard to make music. And bless their instructors! Those two women must be saints! Their last song was “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Natalie had told me it was her favorite song of the concert, so I was looking forward to it. Hmmm. Good for them for attempting such a challenging song.

**Jenna’s home sick today. Her throat hurts. I’m hoping it’s just an allergy thing and she’ll be fine with just a day of taking it easy and skipping school. Hmm.

**Do you think “Oh, my gravy” will take off as a new trend in speaking? I think that would be great.

**Yesterday I cleaned out all the shoes that have accumulated in our mudroom. I put them all on the island in the kitchen, sorted and paired up. When the kids came home to a counter full of shoes, they said, “hmmm”. Then they took all the shoes they wanted to keep up to their rooms, so that a person could hopefully finally walk through the mudroom without tripping. When all the shoes were claimed, there was a whole bag of shoes that no one wanted, and there were 6 singles. Six single shoes with no match? What? Where are the other shoes?

**Why is it that I am powerless to a cookie? Something about all that sweet loveliness in a little portable package makes me powerless to resist EATING IT. What?

**I finally got caught up on my LOST episodes. So John Locke is now the evil one? He’s like Satan? Hmmm. And they have to keep him on the island and not let him out to the rest of the world. Is that about right?

**I need a topic for Relief Society this Sunday. At first I was planning on teaching this Sunday, then another lady asked if I would teach in June, and she would teach in May. No problem. But she just asked me this week if I would indeed teach in May. Which would be this Sunday. Which is in four days, and I have NO CLUE what to teach! Hmmm. Or rather, Help!


  1. It’s a little off-putting getting used to “Fake Locke” (or “FLocke” as I like to refer to him). And apparently, if he’s let out into the world, all heck is going to break loose. They’ve got a LOT to wrap up in the next four episodes!

  2. I love the single shoes floating out there. And oh yes, I think you could make your gravy phrase a new Utah-ism. Go for it!

  3. A lot to respond to in this post:
    Me and cookies have a lose-lose relationship as well. If you ever figure out a strategy, let me know.
    Our RS showed the humanitarian video from the Church for a first Sunday, and I really enjoyed it. Just an idea.
    And if I were you I wouldn’t complain about Women’s Conference. I am currently in the demographic that they discriminate against ( 😉 ), so I must defer this year. Enjoy it for me!

  4. What to teach on this Sunday? If it were me, I’d choose Pres. Uchtdorf’s talk on Patience (from the Priesthood session). Fantastic.,5232,23-1-1207-20,00.html

  5. If you’d like a light hearted lesson you could use this cute little book I got from going through Paul’s moms books. Its called “The Model Mormon mother’s notebook” and is by Carol Lynn Pearson. Very funny little quotes. If you want to look at it I can bring it down with me to the conference.

  6. Look at the talk on page 10 of the November Ensign. Its by one of the sisters. That’s just off the top of my head. We had that one on Sunday.

  7. I found you at jen’s blog. You’re funny. And (I assume) your name is Paige. I’m going to follow you now. Hope that’s okay.

    Oh, my gravy – I’ll start saying it. I’ll tell people it’s cool. That’s all it’ll take, right??

    Cookies are the devil incarnate.

  8. Don’t they give you a lesson assignment?

    and, I like ‘oh my gravy’ .. .though I like ‘what in the helicopter’ even more.

    maybe we can start our own utah slang trend .. hmmmmm….

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