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But they were sad and lonely

Last week I got a call from the piano teacher. She assured me that her call had nothing to do with the attitude of my piano students (thank goodness!). She knew that we had birds, and proceeded to tell me all about her sad little cockatiel. It was her daughter’s, but she went off to college and no one has played with him, and now he’s just a sad and lonely little bird. She wondered if we perhaps wanted another bird; if we would love and play with him more than her family did.

Of course I said we would take him. Never mind that we have 4 birds at home who rule the roost (literally). Because I just can’t live with the idea that the poor little bird is sad and lonely. SAD and LONELY, people. He’s with a family who doesn’t LOVE him, doesn’t play with him. He doesn’t have any friends. Well, as a certified foster home for birds, it is my duty and privilege to take him in. Ok, I’m not really a certified foster home for birds–you caught me.

(this is not a picture of my house, by the way, just one I found showing many birds)

So, yes, call me the crazy bird lady if you must, and when you come to visit, would you mind bringing some millet or bird seed?

We should hang a sign by the birds that says “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. …” But all little birds should have friends, right? If not a bird friend, then at least a human friend.

Anyway, we picked up this little bird on Saturday, cage and all. The kids were VERY excited.

But the first order of business was to give him a new name. He had been called “Katie”, but then when they discovered that he was a boy, they just kept on calling him Katie. Well, I can’t in good consciousness call a male bird Katie, so we started taking suggestions for a new name. “How about something sort of close to Katie,” I suggested, “like Petey”. Nobody liked that one. Clayton? Clyde?

When Ryan’s flight to Japan was canceled for the day and he ended up coming back home (surprise!), he first got on my case for taking in YET ANOTHER homeless bird, (he tells me that they AREN’T sad and lonely and that I’m just giving them human qualities, but I know they do get sad and lonely. So there.) and then gave his suggested name, “Guido”. We liked that one, so Guido it is.

So now we have evened things out…5 kids and 5 birds (not counting those silly little parakeets upstairs, but coincidentally, there are 5 of them, too). The problem, though, is that everyone keeps giving us normal greys, so we have 4 of these birds who look VERY similar, and it’s not until you get closer that you can tell them apart. Why can’t people give us their whitefaced, or their lutino cockatiels? I guess they are more expensive and less common. Oh, well. (I actually have one sitting on my shoulder and one on my leg as I’m typing this. Too bad you can’t see how cute they are).


  1. Birds are not something I will do. I can say with much conviction–never.
    Just wish I could have been that strong about a big boxer. . . .

  2. Well done, Bird Lady. I agree with Jen – I don’t do birds, either. I’m a sucker for a puppy dog, though.

  3. Funny…before you mentioned it I was thinking…Paige is going to be one of those “Bird Ladies”. I love to rescue things…and my kids get really excited when I do. Then I find new homes for them. That’s why I only have 7 chickens, and not 5 goats, 2 chihuahuas, 1 weimaraner, 2 beagle/mix, 3 kittens, 4+ diamond doves, many wild birds, 2 red-bellied toads, 2 turtles, 1 leopard gecko, 3 snakes or 1 goose named Duck-duck… We got to enjoy them for a time…then we passed them on to others to enjoy.

    Congratulations on your new bird. If only you could teach them to drop in one place…then you could fertilize your garden. ;o)

  4. What’s one more, right? I bet he is so happy, huddled up with friends 🙂

  5. My daughter would have done the same thing with cats if I let her…every single cat that was sad and lonely.

    So, does this mean I can call you the crazy bird lady? 🙂

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