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Hang in there little plants

I think it must still be March around these parts. I knew it was supposed to be “colder and rainy” today, but snow? Really?

Here are the girls as they were leaving for school. It’s the last week of school, which is supposed to be full of field days, parties, and sun. *Sigh*

Here’s my “snowball bush”.

By the time John left about an hour later, there was even more snow.

And all my flowers and little garden veggies that I planted? Are they going to be ok? I hope so. It’s not freezing out there, it’s just snowing. Hopefully the plants don’t really know the difference between snow and rain, they’re just getting wet, right?

Hang in there, little plants. It will be warmer soon.

I hope.


  1. it was a surprise, wasn’t it? not initially, but the way it kept coming and kept coming …. sheesh! enough already.

  2. Oh, my. I’ve never seen snow this late in the year. I’m in England and it’s warm and sunny – in the 70’s. ENGLAND. Where it’s always cold.

    I’m sorry. Don’t mean to rub it in. I’ll blow some sunny days your way.

    Hope your plants are okay.

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