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How do you say “Thanks for putting up with my kid for the last 9 months”? (updated)

It’s the end of the school year, and that means teacher gifts. Do you give teacher gifts? I asked my 5th grader which teachers she wanted to give a gift to, and she named 5 of them. Five? Really? For just one kid? My kindergartner wants to give a gift to his teacher AND the main helper. The third grader has two teachers to give gifts to.

I love the teachers, and I’m so thankful that they have chosen to devote their days to teaching and loving my kids. But I could use some ideas.

So, my question to you, my peeps, is WHAT do you give for teacher gifts, if you do teacher gifts at all?

(updated to say)
I decided to go with Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD’s. As a member of the choir organization, I can get CDs for a discount, and I had 10 of the new ones and a few others still around. The kids gobbled them up, even my Jr High and High School students wanted to give gifts to some teachers, which surprised me. I’ll have to pick up a few more, because I guess 15 wasn’t enough. I also had some movie passes to the Karate Kid and baked bread yesterday, so I’m giving bread and a CD to the Kindergarten teacher today at preschool graduation. I want the teachers to know I appreciate them without breaking the bank. And Thanks for the ideas, friends.


  1. Hopefully you get a lot of response to this because I need to figure this out too. One preschool teacher, 6th grade teacher and an awesome AP Euro teacher that justin and Brooke have both had. Not too many thank goodness.

  2. No surprise here, but I give restaurant gift cards.

  3. Hey Paige,

    I think gift cards to like walmart are always nice! I made an apron for Carson’s preschool teacher, because I noticed she wears an apron every day for school. I also made a photo flip book of all the field trips they went on this year with a class list with it so she can remember this class. But I only had ONE teacher to make a gift for not five!

  4. I gave Micah’s musical kindergarten teacher guitar strings and picks in a bucket with some treats.
    For Lily’s dog-loving teacher, I substituted doggie treats and a doggie toy.
    kinda lame, but it works.

  5. I got lucky this year. All of the parents went in on a class gift.

  6. We did restaurant gift cards this year, too … though I really like the CD (and homemade bread!) ideas.

    We gave one to Eli and Claire’s main teachers and then I told Meg she could choose one teacher. I expected her to choose her English teacher, but she chose her bus driver. When I said, “Why the bus driver?” she said, “Who ever remembers the bus driver? I’m sure they need it the most.”

    ah, I love that girl of mine 🙂

  7. We’re new to the whole, “Hmm, maybe I should be considerate and give someone a gift” world. I let the kids choose from our long-stemmed silk flower collection, and they each made a bouquet for their teachers, which we decorated with bows, then added a candy bar and a note of appreciation.

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