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I love you, Man!

Oh, how I love my man.

Whenever he goes on a trip, especially trade shows–those are the best–he knows to bring home as much “swag” as possible.

He enjoys going out. If I win tickets to some free show, he’s usually willing to come along. I say USUALLY, because musicals aren’t his favorite, and sometimes I do have to coerce him into going to a musical.

He’ll play silly games for Family Home Evening!

He really loves me! Which I find seriously nice.

He knows his way around a hammer. When he has time, he’s going to finish that basement. And I like how he involves the kids in the construction projects.

He’s not too cool to pose with stuffed animals.

He loves babies.

He works at a job he loves, and brings home some cool gadgets.

When I decided I wanted to audition for a play, he was supportive.

Or when I’m gone for many hours preparing for a concert or at Christmastime with the Bells on Temple Square, he’s supportive. In fact, he’s come to every single one of my concerts (except this last one, because I told him he should go to Father’s and Sons instead).

He is a worthy priesthood holder.

When necessary, he will dress up in costume.

He’s secure enough to accept my tiny little crush on Donny.

So, this Father’s day, I send a big shout out to my man. He’s awesome, he’s great, and I feel very lucky to call him mine.

Love you, Ryan!


  1. Great post…!! You definitely have a keeper…Happy Father’s day Ryan!!

    P.S. Wow! The basement is finally coming along. :o)

  2. I love this post. He seems very nice and so much fun!

  3. I love this post. Glad he convinced you to marry him.

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