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Now look down, now look at me

My husband assures me that if I have seen this and he’s seen it, that EVERYONE else in the world has already seen it. But it’s too funny to not pass along.


  1. That IS really funny! What is it making fun of?

  2. It’s not really making fun of anything, it’s in homage to the Old Spice ads, which are of this same type of format.

    Basically started with this one:

    Then this one:

    Also, Old Spice not only released the ads on the internet, they have also been making ‘mini-responses’ to bloggers and others who’ve been commenting on the original videos.

    It’s quite a brilliant internet marketing campaign, which you don’t expect from big companies.


  3. Very funny! Just saw Stephen Jones MC at a concert at sandy amphitheater tonight! He is so FUNNY!!!

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