The Trials of a Busy Mom

There’s a stranger in my bed

Every morning at some dark hour–usually around 6:20– a small person creeps into my room, climbs onto my bed, wedges himself between Ryan and I, and says to me “turn around” so he can grab a hunk of my hair. Then he proceeds to squirm around, often getting his cold little feet right in the small of my warm back. He also manages to kick Ryan on the other side, twisting and turning (all while holding my hair) and trying to be quiet until he can stand it absolutely not one moment longer. Then he starts whispering in my face that it’s time for breakfast. It’s a lovely way to wake up in the morning. Especially on the weekends when we were out late and really really want to sleep in. It gets really exciting when he brings friends into our bed with him. This morning it was his older brothers large stuffed dinosaur appropriately named Rexy. I’m not sure if he went all the way into Cole’s room to get the dino before bringing him into our room, but he was there. Apparrantly he kept hitting Daddy with the dino until he asked him in his politest grumble to “not hit me with the dinosaur.” I missed that part because I must have been dozing. Or on other mornings he comes in in his soaking wet jammies because size 4 diapers do not hold in all the liquid he drinks at teeth brushing time. That one gets me up immediately, so maybe it’s a good thing.

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  1. The Wooden Porch

    LOL! I know the feeling with little critters in my bed. 🙂

    I pretty much lost the weight with weight watchers. I thought we ate pretty heathy before, but putting a point value on everything me me realize that we were just overeating.

    I didn’t join. I just got my hands on one of their books and point scale thingies. You can even find them on ebay for pretty cheap.

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