I really have the coolest ward.

Today we had our annual Pioneer Day Breakfast and it was delicious! Ryan flipped pancakes with the Elder’s quorum and we all ate like kings. The kids all stayed over at the neighbor’s house for a couple of hours playing in the sandbox.

Someone even called Robin today and asked if they could visit teach her. I’m not sure why she should need visiting teachers when she’s only here for 8 weeks, but I guess they think she does.

We enjoyed President Hinckley’s Birthday celebration on Friday night, even though because of some bad traffic issues we didn’t make it there in time and they gave our seats away. We went to the assembly hall and watched it on a screen there. Not quite the same as the conference center, but still nice. My kids were very well behaved and it was an excellent program. If you missed it you can catch it on BYU television or channel 11 here locally.

Wednesday we went to Lagoon, and it was about 104 degrees. Ugh. Good thing for Rattlesnake rapids, where you get totally soaked (especially if you go twice in a row using baby swap techniques). I had to go right from Lagoon to Bell choir, so that was a bit weird. I changed in the car, and put dry clothes over my wet underclothes–icky, but cool. I looked quite a wreck, but did my best to spruce up a little bit with makeup and a brush–oh well. We all had fun, though–especially since we managed to get passes for all 10 of us for free.