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Get the tongs!

It all started when Ryan got himself a new key fob for locking and unlocking the suburban. His had stopped working. His new one is super sensitive and he’s constantly making the car alarm go off, and locking the car from inside his pocket.

I went out yesterday with the girls to get them to band by 7 am (the JOY OF MY LIFE, let me tell you). The window to the suburban was down, so I threw my purse onto the passenger seat and tossed my keys over to the middle console thing. Then when Natalie tried to open the car door, she can’t, because it’s locked. I reached through the window to open the door, but it wouldn’t open. I tried pushing the button to unlock, but that wouldn’t work, either. You must unlock with the key fob, or it thinks you are trying to break in. But my key fob was way over there where I had tossed it and I COULDN’T reach it! Without completely climbing through the window, I couldn’t see a way to reach it.

(I just have to insert a MONK reference here, for those of you who watch Monk…”if it doesn’t reach? Call Warren Beach.”)

Enter the tongs. I use tongs for all kind of reaching in my kitchen. Seriously. Can’t reach that cookie sheet? Get the tongs. You dropped something behind the dryer? Get the tongs. So, I had Natalie go and get the tongs from the kitchen, and I was able to reach in, grab my keys, push the unlock button, and carry on.

I was feeling all proud of myself in handling this tricky, although annoying situation. I told my husband about it, and he said, “Why didn’t you just manually switch the unlock switch?”

Um…. I forgot?


  1. If it is like my car, the alarm would have gone off and caused a huge ruckus (I never used that word to my knowledge until right now) and not worth it. Tongs was a much better solution.

  2. Paige…you are hilarious!!

  3. Would we be safe in calling that a “Blond moment”??? :o)

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