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The Trials of a Busy Mom

What’s rattling around in my head

* Did I sign all of the papers for school – times 5? Why do I have to do this for each kid – why can’t they have it all online?
*What time was I supposed to listen for that contest?
* Does everyone have a lunch?
* I need to schedule doctors’ appointments. Three years is probably a bit long to go between “yearly” visits. And one kid needs two more fillings, and is it time to call the orthodontist?
* What is that odd smell in that kid’s room?
* Why is it so hard to work in even 1/2 hour of exercise?
* Sugar–why do I need you so much? Why can’t I give you up?
* Does everyone have PE Clothes?
* I hate calling businesses and begging for free stuff. I’d much rather send an email or a letter, but sometimes they don’t respond unless you actually call them. And I’m a chicken, and I don’t want to call them.
* The toilets need cleaning. So do the showers.
* And the floors.
* Are there really people out there who manage family scripture study together every day? I would like to meet them .
* I need to fold the laundry. Do dishes. Cook. What are we going to have for dinner?
* Things actually do seem better when I do my hair and have makeup on.
* I need more volunteers for the Hawk Walk.
* I need to have a training for my volunteer time in the classroom?
* Insurance quotes. Try insuring a 16 year old boy. He doesn’t even drive. He doesn’t have a car, but he still needs insurance. Need I say more?
* And why am I so excited to go to the grocery store for a stock up run? I must be mental.
* What is wrong with this stupid printer? Must it jam every single time I use it?
* Jillian Michaels. Does she not know that jumping jacks reveal my weakened bladder control?
* I must be losing my mind. Who knew that switching from playing F and G to playing E and F on handbells would be so difficult? It’s a test of my hand/eye coordination, and telling my brain to be flexible.
* I really just want to sit and read MockingJay. Only I should have reread the second book because I don’t remember half of these characters.
* I need a haircut.
* Fundraisers? Classroom volunteer? Me? Yup.
* A stone hit my windshield a few weeks ago. Then I went through the car wash. I’m now the proud parent of a big old crack. AND a chip.
* Homework can be completely and utterly brutal. I don’t know if I can do 39 more weeks of this. All five kids talking to me at once, everyone needed a piece of me and there just wasn’t enough of me to go around. And then there’s the new powerschool. Could they really be missing assignments?
* Today is piano lesson day. Do not forget to send a check. Again.
*I promised them birthday parties. I’d better get on that.
* Peaches. Mom, would you like to come over and bottle my peaches for me?


  1. Paige…I love this!! I have similar thoughts go through my head, but with only 2 kids, my life seems pretty uncomplicated compared to yours! You are amazing!! Men could never be moms!!!! 🙂 Miss ya tons!!! Tell everyone hi for me at bells!

  2. Oh my! I wouldn’t even be able to write all that down. Its a wonder we survive sometimes.

  3. Oh my gosh! Just keep on truckin’. Make your lists, check them twice, and all that. What if you had 11 kids?

  4. Packing lunch alone for that many kids would do me in. I’m drowning with one. 🙂

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