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I came across a fun pattern for some Halloween decor, this “sock skeleton craft kit.”

Then, even better, I found that Martha Stewart had a video and instructions here.

So, I bought some nice clean socks (yes, I know, I could have recycled some of Ryan’s or Cole’s socks, but they have gray on them, and I needed white, and do I really want to make a holiday decor item out of old socks?) and went to town. The instructions were easy and it was fun. I realized that I was enjoying myself.

Hey, there, sewing machine, what have you been doing over here in the corner of the room all by yourself? Getting things piled up on you so that you couldn’t even see out? Yeah, that’s totally my fault. Sorry about that. Yeah, I’ve missed you, too.

I even let Jenna get into the act, and she was a great help in stuffing little skeleton arm pieces. I got him done the next day (coincidentally, while watching “Project Runway”) and am happy with the result. He’ll be a great addition to our Halloween decor!


  1. Those are absolutely darling! I LOVE them. Good show.

  2. That is waaayyyy cute! Nice Job!

  3. Those are super cute. They must be, because Janice used one of these: !

  4. Awww…he’s so CUTE. I love him.

  5. eeeee!!! Is he just the cutest thing??!?! I love that! I also love that you had to dust off your sewing machine to make him. My sewing machine and I have also recently been reunited. Thanks to my daughter who has been bitten by the sewing bug. We made her a special sewing space. Something I’ve always wanted.

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. So happy to have found yours. 🙂

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