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the pony tail

Why does my daughter freak out if her ponytail is a tiny bit higher than her everyday ponytail? Why must she wear a ponytail every single day of her life? When is she going to grow out of this ponytail stage?


  1. Girl, why does mine freak out when I come near her with a hairbrush at all? I’d be happy for a “ponytail phase!”

    I guess they’ll all grow out of all this stuff, eventually, won’t they?

  2. Well…I haven’t grown out of mine yet…(much to my mother’s chagrin). 😛

  3. I side with Robin. Still in the pony stage.

  4. OHGosh mine is a freak about her ponies and she is only 6! The battles we have in the morning about her hair is driving me to drink!

    Hey, love to follow your blog, how do I do that!



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