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We’ve been having quite a bit of rain around here lately. When I went out to the garage, I noticed a big fat worm struggling to survive in the dry garage. Why did you even crawl in here, worm? Don’t you know there’s no dirt and water in the garage? Well, ok, there’s a puddle over there, and now that I look around, I see that there is an awful lot of dirt in the garage. It must be time to clean and organize in here–but generally there’s no water or dirt in the garage. It’s not a hospitable environment for a worm. Darn, that worm is going to dry up and DIE in here, unless I help it out. Giving a little sigh of grossoutedness, I picked up the worm and tossed him as far as I could to safety. While he didn’t quite make it to the grass, he landed in a puddle on the driveway. I walked around the car feeling pretty good about myself. I’m a worm rescuer, after all. Oh, there’s another worm on this side of the garage. But he’s already dead, so there’s nothing I can do for him. But I did save that one worm, and for that I was feeling a little bit proud of myself.

I then proceeded to get into my car, back out into the driveway and pull out into the street, when I was struck with a horrible thought. More likely than not, I just drove over the exact puddle where I had throw the worm to “safety”. Um, sorry about that, worm.


  1. This made me laugh out loud. I figure, all worms have to fend for themselves. I am not touching one, even with one of my husband’s dental gloves on.

  2. Oh, that was really good for a laugh! Thanks!

  3. I Totally Do that! I’m trying to save worms all the time. But I refuse to touch them, so I find a leaf or a twig but they usually freak out when I touch them. Have you ever seen a worm freak out? It’s weird. Good for you. I’m sure he wiggled his way to the grass before the car came out. I’m just sure of it. And why do they go to places like the middle of the road and your garage?

  4. Please tell me you don’t mind if I use the phrase, “Why did you even crawl in here, worm?” all of the time and totally out of context.


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