Highlights of today:

***Picking up my check for $101.50 from which radio station? You guessed it, 101.5!! I also get to try my key with a hundred other people for a chance to win “The General Lee” (it’s the Dukes of Hazard’s car, remember?)

*** Going to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving point with all 7 kids

***Getting covered with kisses and “wuvs” from my little boy John

Lowlights of the day:

***emptying about a cup of small grainy sand like substance (used for digging and uncovering dinasaur bones at Thanksgiving point) out of John’s clothes and diaper

***Having John pee on the couch when his new diaper came off (I forgot to put his pants back on after emptying all that grit)

*** Weighing in at Weight Watchers and having gained 2.8 pounds this week UGH!!!! I guess there will be no eating this week.

***Amazing Race season 2 reruns–since we didn’t watch it the first time this is lots of fun, a new episode every night!