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“Business Trip”

It’s concert weekend here. Last night was a great first night here.

We have tonight’s performance, tomorrow a taping session all day, then the concert tomorrow night and then the Music and the Spoken Word and mini concert on Sunday morning.

For the past two years I’ve stayed up in Salt Lake at a friend’s house on Saturday night, since it doesn’t make a lot of sense to drive all the way home then drive back in the morning. But this year, some friends and I are staying in a hotel both Friday night and Saturday nights. I’m so excited to sleep late in the morning and then have a wonderful breakfast. Oh, and avoiding the hour plus driving time through traffic is also a plus.

I’m telling the kids that Mommy will be out of town on a “business trip.”


  1. You’ve earned it. Have a good ‘Business Trip’.


  2. GOOD.FOR.YOU!!!

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