Megan, Cole, Sarah and Jacob all entered items they had made into the Utah County Fair. Cole and Jacob did Lego sculptures, Megan entered a watercolor picture and Sarah and Megan entered a book they had written and illustrated together. So, we all went to the Fair on Thursday to see their stuff, see the animals, and generally experience the fair. They were all thrilled that they had won something (they were quite liberal with their ribbons), and will be thrilled to get the cash (I think it’s $4 for a first, $3 for a second place).

Here are some pictures of the kids at the fair, if you click on this link. Sorry I didn’t actually post them, I’m still a bit rusty on that. They also enjoyed a pony ride, and John absolutely loved riding the ponies. I could hardly get him off, but finally let him pet the pony and say “goodbye Horsie” and he was ok with that. We didn’t ride the yucky expensive rides, nor did we buy the fatty expensive food, but I think the kids had fun, just the same.
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