Today was a long day. I got up at 5:30 (I had actually been woken up around 5, when John climbed into bed with me, but he thankfully went back to sleep. But since he was sleeping in my bed, I had to get dressed in the dark, and be very very quiet or risk waking him up again, and then not being able to get out of the house.) and left the house at 6:15 so I could meet my carpool at 6:30.
We got up to the conference center by 7, changed and were ready to rehearse at 7:30. We went through our song a few times, rehearsed with the choir, then waited. We did the run through, then the actual broadcast. You probably didn’t see it, but if you did, you would have seen a glimpse of me and heard us ring for one song.

Then we did the whole thing in reverse. Walk over to the tabernacle, change, go back to the parking lot, drive home. I got home around 11:15, and didn’t go to church. Instead I loaded some dishes, got some chicken out of the freezer, got some dinner cooking in the crock pot and watched a little tv. I made lunch for the family and had a 20 minute nap. Then the kids came home and smothered me with luvs and attention for an hour, when I had to leave again at 3:15. Again. Meet the carpool at 3:30, etc. etc. Only this time I was driving. At 4:30 we were dressed and ready. This time we rehearsed a different song for the fireside tonight. We ran though it a couple of times, then waited for the program to start so we could ring our one song. Luckily, someone had brought a new Cranium card game and we had fun playing that while we waited back stage. At 6:00, we were up in the loft, ready for our song. It was the first song of the program, so we were able to play that song, come back down, put away the bells and leave. I got home at around 7:15. So, I was gone for 9 hours today and performed two songs.

Not that I’m complaining or anything, I’m just tired.

Happy New Year.

Tomorrow we will discuss our resolutions and goals and what fun we’re going to have in the year 2007. Tonight, I’m going to try to get some kids to bed and then I’m hitting the hay myself. I will not be staying up until Midnight if I can help it, because I’m tired.