And I’d like to thank Chad, the treadmill repair guy, who came the very day I called, brought the part I needed after only hearing me describe the symptoms over the phone, and DIDN’T charge me anything for the repair, since he had just replaced that part last summer, and he happened to have that exact part in the car. How awesome is that?

I’m going to send him a thank you note with a gift card, because he’s THAT awesome.
(It helps to know the treadmill repair guy, I’d say. Ryan is even their slacker home teacher, and he didn’t hold that against us).

And I’d like to thank Ryan, who worked from home today so that I could:

a) drive Cole and his carpool to school because the “neighborhood bus driver” is out of town for a few days

b) drive Cole back home to get his Sunday clothes because today is apparently the day that they take pictures of the band for the yearbook

c) drive Cole back to school again

d) go and get the car washed and vacuumed (again, I love that Firehouse car wash place)

e) take John to his playgroup, to play with his pack of boys

f) go to Target to buy some things for Jenna, including a larger size of underwear that will hopefully fit over the cast a little better, and some birthday presents, since it is actually her b-day next week, and even if we can’t do the party we were thinking about, she will still need presents (I may even give them to her early to help with the boredom).

So, thanks, Ryan, for recognizing that I do go a little bit stir crazy just being the nurse all day, and giving me a little break. On the upside, I’m getting my upper body workout every time I have to carry her to the potty, to the table, to the computer or up the stairs.