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Family Pictures

This week we were brave and had family photos taken. Those of you with families know what a HUGE pain it is to have family pictures taken, especially for the mother, who has to find a photographer and set an appointment, decide on a color scheme and find clothes for everyone that sort of match, then worry about hair and faces and accessories. Honestly, I worry more about how I look than anyone else. I’m sure they will all look fine, but I spend a lot of time yesterday picking out clothes that didn’t make me feel or look extra fat, that I wouldn’t worry or feel self conscious in, and then did my hair extra cute and even wore eye shadow and jewelry. Sadly, I got myself all cute looking before I had to go and do my “work” at the school. I had planned on delivering large amounts of books to the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders (long story, I’ll share it with you soon). That meant hauling boxes of books from the storage room to each classroom, getting the boxes open, saying my little shpeal to each class and handing them out. I did four classes and was going to do the next when the teacher said it was a bad time. I realized I was getting sweaty (NO! Not SWEAT!) and decided it was a good time to stop this nonsense and come back again the next day and maybe get one of my PTA peeps to help me distribute these books so that it:

a)wouldn’t take all day
b)it wouldn’t matter so much if I got sweaty
c)it’s always more fun with a friend.

I walked out of the school and it was raining. Not pouring rain or anything, but a nice sprinkling to make sure that my hair went even flatter.

I went home and realized the chickens were hungry and would like to be let out of their pen. I took my Kindle outside to read, and not one minute after I let them out and sat down to read, it started to rain again. Ugh. Getting those chickens back in their pen is not always easy, so by the time they were in, the hair was super flat.
I put my velcro rollers in again, but didn’t know if I had any hope of getting the hair back to the state it had been in the morning. I did some more fiddling with my hair until it looked pretty good. By then the kids were coming home, so I tried to get THEIR hair to look good.

Then there’s the clothing choices. I picked out everyone’s clothes or told them what they could wear. When we were all dressed, Ryan breezed in at the last second and I told him what shirt to put on.

The photo shoot itself was far less painful than getting ready. Our photographer was fun and relaxed, and got a variety of shots. Want a sneak peak?

Our photographer, Julie, put some up on her website today. We only met with her 3 days ago, so I think that is AMAZINGLY fast! I am so excited to have a good family picture of all of us!

This is one of my favorites.

Thanks, Julie!

After our photos, we went to dinner at Winger’s to celebrate the birthday of our 13 year old. A good time was had by all.


  1. Wonderful pictures. I hope I get one! Sorry you had so many sweaty and rainy activities. i thought you were going to finish your tale with how terrible things turned out. So I’m glad you were able to salvage things.

  2. They look so good! You look fantastic, and your hair doesn’t look the least bit flat. 🙂

  3. Here is the deal you’ve ALWAYS been photogenic. You look so darling! I love it. I especially love the one of all of the kids with their elbows leaning against the fence. So great of all of them. What a darling family.

  4. I think they look fantastic! You all look like you had a great day–I can’t tell in the pictures that anything went wrong at all.

  5. Hey Paige!!

    Thanks for the nice write up! I had NO idea you had such an adventerous day before the shoot! Your entire family looked great! Thanks for hanging out with me!


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