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A breather

It’s busy around here. Let’s face it, when is it NOT busy around here? Monday night we picked up our Japanese exchange student, Kodai. He is a nice 15 year old from Osaka, and we’ve got a whole week of stuff planned for while he’s here. But that meant that Monday we had a lot of cleaning to do to get our house guest ready. Ugh. Why are we all such slobs? Anyway…

Tuesday I spent a few quality hours canning applesauce with my mom and dad. They have the system down, and with three people it goes a lot faster. They are so awesome, they even let me take home most of the finished applesauce! So, now I have 20 quarts of yummy applesauce, 5 quarts of apple juice and some lovely apples. I know I could just buy applesauce at the store for not that much money, but have you eaten applesauce in a can from the store? My point exactly. And they have all these beautiful apples that are need to be used up, so it’s a good thing.

Last night we took Kodai and the kids to John’s first basketball game of the season. It just worked out that everyone was able to go, so it was a fun little event. But dang it if I can’t find John’s basketball shirt. I might have –gasp–thrown it away. If that’s the case, I’m in trouble. Afterward we went to one of our favorite places, the Orange Leaf, for frozen yogurt.

Today is Wednesday, and it’s wonderfully quiet here. I made breakfast and got everyone off to where they need to be, and now I have NOTHING planned. Seriously! No meetings, no sub jobs, no pressing activities that just HAVE to be done, it’s just me and the laundry! I’m so excited! I have been so busy with my PTA stuff and this “working” thing that it’s been a while since I’ve had a day to myself. Enjoy it, I will.

I have some organizing to do in my office and some bulbs to plant, some washing and folding, etc, and as soon as the kids come home, it will be go, go, go, again, but for a few minutes, I am going to enjoy the day. Alone!


  1. Enjoy it. As a mom, it doesn’t happen very often.

  2. I hope your day turned out the way you wanted!

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