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A visit to Santa’s Elves

>Last night we went to see the elves at Gardner Village. It’s such a fun place to shop or look around, and there are elves all over the place!

Our little elf fit right in.

We met my parents there, and my mom encouraged us to go in the Christmas store. Which is a good thing, because if she hadn’t been there, I don’t think I could have dragged Ryan in such a whimsical store (or any store at all, for that matter).

My kids especially enjoyed the little Christmas villages that are set up there.

Ryan took this one and said, “Look, it’s Paige in her natural habitat.” Which is true. If I could live in the Christmas store, I probably would. I especially loved these Christmas fairies, and if I had tons of money, I would buy a few and hang them throughout the house.

After shopping (and I can say ‘shopping’ not just looking because Ryan actually bought something at the Christmas store. Don’t get too excited, it was just a double outlet thingy for three prong plugs), we went over to Archibald’s restaurant for some dinner. Darn that they wouldn’t let us pay for the whole dinner with gift certificates, but we did take $30 off our meal, so that’s a good thing. We had a fun dinner with the family and my parents. It was such a nice evening, and I’m glad I thought to invite them.

We might have to make this a new holiday tradition. Only maybe I should have JUST gone with my mom and done a little shopping without the family. Maybe they could meet us there after I got some shopping done. They did have such a cute purse store. Hmmmm….


  1. fun! and cute family photo 🙂

  2. Shopping with your mom. I like that idea.
    It was a very nice evening. Thanks for inviting us!!!

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