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For Christmas this year, we are starting the work on our basement. Although right now it doesn’t seem like such a gift, as we have to haul all the junk out of our basement. Ten years we have lived in this house, and we have accumulated quite a bit of STUFF that has been shoved down in the basement. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But it’s not ALL junk. We had reasons for saving it all in the first place, so we can’t just throw EVERYTHING out. We have found diplomas, my mission call letter, old high school yearbooks and photos, unopened boxes of dishes that we got for our wedding, and lots of craft things.

Years ago I taught a craft class at our home in the basement. The kids would come for an hour twice a week and do little crafts and activities. It was fun, but I have WAY too much craft stuff down there. So, if it’s a little craft kit, it goes. Felt goes. Fabric goes, feathers go, wood goes, it all needs to go.

We have made many trips to DI and the dump to get rid of old couches, chairs, and usable items. Last night alone Ryan made three trips in the little truck. We still have a large sofa sleeper to get rid of, but we’ll have to enlist some extra help. All those trips up and down the stairs to haul things out have taken it’s toll on our out of shape bodies, and today we are sore. I have a bunch more stuff I need to get rid of today.


The dust is thick, and the trash on the floor amazing. We got a LOT of boxes and bins stuffed in the cold storage area, though. Impressive, right?

The one thing I am very glad about as I sweep up years of dirt and dust and piles of crap is that I am not finding any mouse poop, or evidence of mice or other critters in the piles of dirt. That’s comforting. Years ago we had a very icky experience with mice when we moved from our house in Lehi and rented to my cousin. When we came back, the whole basement was infested with mice. Baby mice, little mice families, little mice neighborhoods all set up and eating our food storage. Can’t tell you how paranoid I am about mice now. Ick. Double Ick.

Now we have a nice pile of wood down there to begin the work.

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  1. Sounds good. So you got all sore just in time to go and do your performances?
    We missed you at the Coleman Christmas Party. Your absence was truly felt by all.
    Dad and I were so worn out and physically sore that we could hardly drag ourselves home after cleaning up. But a good night’s rest did wonders for us. We saw MSW today and I don’t think they showed you, or maybe just when I blinked. It was a nice program.

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