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I’m glad it’s Sunday

Wow, it’s Sunday and we survived a very very busy week. Hooray for us! Some thoughts on the week:
–My concerts went well, and it we were pleased to see the Salt Lake Tabernacle mostly full both Friday and Saturday nights. We did well as a group. We made mistakes, and strangely enough, different mistakes each night (to keep it interesting, I guess), but overall I think it was an enjoyable concert for the audience. But being up there four nights in a week means other things don’t get done (like laundry). But the family survived.

–Since I had won a “7-11 prize pack” a while back, and the only 7-11 I even know exists anymore is downtown on 3rd west, I encouraged my carpool to stop after practice on Tuesday and use up some coupons. So, we all went in and got free slurpies. On Wednesday night, we all went in and got taquitos. We were going to stop and get hot dogs last night, but I forgot the coupons. I’m glad we could use them, as I can’t really go in and use all the coupons at once. They do say “one coupon per person” on them. I don’t think I’d had a slurpie in 20 years. Honestly.

–Cole’s band concert went well, too. Since they didn’t turn the house lights all the way down, I sat and read my book. It was the most enjoyable band concert I’ve been to yet!

–John is still sick. He’s got a cold, fever, and isn’t eating well. On Friday he was really complaining and said his neck hurt, so I took him to the doctor. Negative strep test, negative on the ear infections. Thanks a lot. I hate it when I waste my time and money on a dr visit and they just tell me it must be a virus. Meanwhile my little boy is still suffering, and I can’t do much for him. I’m hoping he feels better today, if not, maybe I’ll get to stay home from church.

–I took John and Cole to get haircuts on Thursday. They were both looking pretty scroungy and I had a coupon for Great clips. While we were there, Jenna decided she wanted her hair cut, too! She looks so darling in her new little bob, I can’t believe it. The funny thing is, I’ve suggested a hair cut before (many times) and she always says she wants long hair, but I guess she decided to give it a go now.

–Ryan’s company had a “park day” similar to the Office’s “beach day” last week. I don’t know if someone was looking for a replacement or what the deal was, but any day playing kickball beats a day at work, I guess. Anyway, Ryan’s been sore and complaining ever since. I guess typing all day doesn’t use the same muscles as kickball.

–I made two pans of the most awesome mint brownies on Friday. We gave a plate to Natalie’s soccer coach, and one to Megan’s soccer coach, and we now have two more pans to give out to music teachers, dance teachers, etc. But I don’t know if we can leave them alone long enough to deliver. Those are some good brownies!

–IKEA. That’s one huge place. Thanks to my friend Michelle, who smuggled a bunch of us in for the friends and family preview day. The employees all clapped and cheered when we walked in–like we had one something. That was kind of weird. Lisa, Sandra and I quickly rushed to the as-is department to see if we could find some goodies, and yes, we did. I got a cute mesh rolling cart with 3 drawers. I haven’t decided where it’s going and what it’s purpose in my home is yet, but I love it anyway. We purchased those things because Lisa didn’t want to be pushing a large floor lamp all over the store, and we were some of the cashiers’ first customers EVER. Then we went back in and bought some more things. I got some way cute little spatula sets with a 3 small utensils that are the perfect size for scooping brownies out of the pan (like those mini pampered chef spatulas, you know the ones?) but the set of 3 cost me 59 cents! I bought 10 sets of them, and I’m going to give them as teacher gifts with a brownie mix. How great is that? I am also enjoying my new pink dustpan and brush set that I got for 99 cents. No way you’ll get me there on grand opening day, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy shopping there again.

–If you’ll excuse me, the kids are fighting over the cute little stuffed animal hangers I bought at Ikea yesterday (I bought 5 of them, for heaven’s sake). So, I must end this long long epistle and go do my job as a mother and settle this.


  1. Ooooo, Ikea. Neat things you got. Wonder if I’ll ever go there.
    I want to see a picture of Jenna’s new haircut!

  2. Oh, and I’ll be wanting the recipe for those delicious brownies.

  3. Ikea opens here in Orlando a the end of summer!!! Can’t wait!

  4. Having a day of rest is always a good thing. I also love IKEA and mint brownies. Care to share your recipe?

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