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Dinner this week

Well, I’m trying to plan ahead and stick to a menu plan, so this week, I’m actually planning.

Tonight, we’re having Easy Chicken Cordon Blue, which is a nummy recipe, if I do say so myself.

Tuesday we have softball and scouts, so dinner has to be something we can eat at different times, so I think I’ll make Taco soup.  Then I can just leave it in the crock pot and when people are home, they can eat.

Wednesday will be spaghetti.  Not very exciting, but deal with it.

Thursday…..I’m still thinking……hamburgers sound good, don’t you think?

And Friday I will be gone, so the family can and will heat up their own dinner.  Corndogs or chicken nuggets with a healthy side of leftovers.

What’s on your dinner menu?


  1. What is one my dinner menu? I’m lucky to plan a day ahead, let alone the entire week. 😉

  2. Tonight is Thanksgiving Pointe, tomorrow is hamburgers, Thursday pork of some sort. That’s all I’ve got so far.

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