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Road trip

Today we have a “road trip” for our bell choir. If you could call it that. It’s more of a long drive on the bus, do a concert, then drive a long drive on the bus home. We’re going to Garland. It’s close to Tremonton. I’ve actually been to Garland once. My good friend Sharmyn was in a play up there a few years back. No, she didn’t live there. She lived in Salt Lake, worked in Salt Lake, and would drive up there for rehearsals and performances. Talk about crazy. But she’s a theater person, and all theater people are just a little bit crazy, aren’t they? Ryan and I went up to see her in that play. It was something about a Vicar’s wife. Silly me, I didn’t even know what a vicar was. But Sharmyn was brilliant in that play, and we enjoyed our drive up there. That must have been before we had kids, because I can’t really imagine us going up there with little people in tow. But I digress. We’re doing a bell concert up there tonight. So, if you know anyone who lives close by and wants to attend a free concert, be sure to let them know.

I feel a little bit like I did in high school, when our Brighton high school bell choir went up to Thatcher Penrose (a little town also close to Tremonton) for a bell concert. We were a bit bummed because the madrigals got to go on a fabulous trip to Hawaii or something like that, and we got to go to Thatcher Penrose. We stayed with people in the community overnight, went horseback riding, and did a concert. Then we came home. Melinda and I stayed with the cutest little old lady in a sweet old house. It was fun. Really, we had a great time. But let’s face it, it’s no Hawaii.

When asked why we’re going there for our first “away from Salt Lake” concert, I have to answer that it’s our director’s home town (same director as we had back in high school, by the way). I’m hoping it’s a test run and that maybe some day we can go a bit farther away and do more concerts, but we’ll have to see about that. We’re pretty new as a group, and we aren’t generating any of our own money from CD sales or anything like that, so things like that will take a while. But for today, I’m hoping that the large amounts of time we will spend on a bus will be fun. Fun as in chatting with friends, listening to music fun, and not that carsick kind of fun that I sometimes get on buses or other moving vehicles.


  1. Have fun, and take some Bonine, if you have any. It doesn’t make you drowsy but prevents carsickness. LOVE YOU.

  2. You forgot two important details about that trip. The creative writing magazine staff (of which I was a part) went to NY that week and saw 2 Broadway plays and accepted an award, and I didn’t go because Mr. W guilted me into that trip to his hometown and it WORKED because I am just that good of a girl. Also, it was the state basketball play-offs that weekend and we missed our team winning first place. Remember pulling over under the over-pass to try and get better reception on the car radio in that big white van because Kevin was having a nervous breakdown wondering what the score was?

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