It’s been a super packed weekend around here, with a lot of church responsibilities and meetings.
Thursday, after working all day, we had to hustle to get dinner ready by 5:00 to feed the missionaries. When I found out the day before that we had the opportunity to feed the elders, my daughter said, “WHYYYYY? We’re already members of the church! Why should the missionaries come HERE?”
Oh, dear. But we had a nice dinner, and a nice visit. After dinner, Cole went with the missionaries to their appointments for the evening, and I went to book club (which, by the way, we read A town like Alice, and if you haven’t ever read it, I recommend it. Kind of a slow start, but great story. In case you were looking for something to read right now)

Friday, I was pleased to not have to work. Somehow the day before I had wrenched my back and I have had some twinges of pain when I do things like breathe too deeply or make any sudden moves. But instead of a quiet night at home, we had a Relief Society sponsored activity for couples. Not a fun date exactly, but a night about preparedness. We went (with a skeptical attitude for sure), but it was a worthwhile and productive evening.

Saturday, I had a Stake Relief Society women’s conference,

then lunch with dear friends,

and a Jazz game that night!

Sunday, I had to figure out my sharing time idea for our 9:00 church. After church, we caught small naps, then the home teachers came. Two meetings at night–a fireside for all seminary students at 6:00, and Priesthood Preview put on by the primary at 7.

So much for being a recluse and a hermit, right?