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Don’t hate me because I’m lucky

Ok, I admit it–I am lucky. I do win kind of a lot of things. But lest you think I just phone and win every thing I try for, I really don’t. I phone in and LOSE many times a day. Really. So, it’s an averages thing. If you want to win a few things, you have to enter and try to win a lot of things.

That said, I won! I WON!

So, I guess we will be taking a vacation this year. (We’ll have to see if we can do it for less than last time. But with the price of gas, and John needs his own pass this time, I doubt it. Three kids passes at $129 each is already $387.)

When my kids found out about it, they were very excited, until I told them that it was only a trip for 4. And we’ll have to see who is the nicest to me to see if they get to go. Aren’t I mean?


  1. Tom Waldron

    Congratulations! But where are you going?

    B. W.

  2. Mel

    Mr. Waldron reads your site?!!!

    And, also, I STILL think I deserve the trip more than you. AND your soul would be enlarged by the benevolent act of giving my deserving family a trip to Disneyland so we can take some well-deserved time off.

    Did I mention I deserve it? ‘Cause I deserve it.

  3. Sharm

    WOOHOO! You won, you won, you won! I’m SO glad.

  4. Superpaige

    Disneyland! I’m sorry, was that not clear? The land of the mouse, of course.

    Yes, Mel, you totally deserve it. We all deserve it. Let’s see if we can all win trips and go together.

  5. Scott

    It’s like that joke going around about the pre-flight lecture the stewardesses give…”In the event we lose cabin pressure, your oxygen masks will deploy. If you are traveling with little children, decide now which one is your favorite!”

  6. Lisa Adams

    That’s cool! I wish I had the fortitude to stick with winning these radio contests but I just don’t. Cool for you.

  7. Christina

    Mr. in choir teacher Mr. WALDRON WOW, I am very impressed. Congrats on the big win, you are a very lucky girl.

  8. Kristy

    Some things never change! Most of the stuff I’ve won has been because YOU won it FOR me since it has to be at least 30 days before you can win again! I will say that if it hadn’t been for your example, I wouldn’t have won my $50 gift certificate to a restaurant a few months ago. But DisneyWorld? Totally different ballgame. Congrats Paige!

  9. An Ordinary Mom

    Congrats! How exciting will this be?!?

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