The Trials of a Busy Mom

Speed! (Now we know how Lightning McQueen feels)

This week was John’s pinewood derby in cub scouts. We had a month to prepare for it, and wouldn’t you know it, but 90% of the car was done on the next to last day.

Ryan even came home from work early on Tuesday to work on the car.

They sanded and painted. And sanded and taped and painted some more. I hear that John even did his own spray painting and did a great job of it!

(You can see the state of our basement in that picture, by the way. Still unfinished, but there is some progress.)

The best part of this project is the time spent with Dad.

Boys need this bonding time with dad, especially bonding time using tools.

This project involved using tools borrowed from two different friends, at least one trip to the hardware store together and two different kinds of paint.

This is my favorite picture. They were using this drill press thingy (yes, that IS the technical term for it, thank you very much) and I said, “Shouldn’t you be using eye protection?” John turned around, and after rifling through the drawer behind him, put on those cool shades. “Here’s my eye protection, Mom,” he said.

Here’s the finished car, ready for racing.
and here he is at the derby, showing off his car.

Now, it’s not easy to get good shots of that little car speeding down that track,
, but Ryan managed to get this cute little video.

I’m proud of my boys for completing this task. It’s not easy to design and make a car, and it can be disappointing when your car doesn’t win. I’m so thankful for Ryan’s willingness to help John build this car.

John’s car won 3rd place overall, and he was awarded “Best Engine Design”.

I’m linking up with Jenny Matlock for Alphebee Thursday, letter S


  1. Janice Johnson

    I have a love/hate relationship with the Pinewood Derby. We did the Rocket Derby this week and it was fun. Toothsome #3 came in 3rd.

  2. anita

    I was at a pack meeting last night. The leader was explaining that Pinewood Derby would be held in the fall rather than the spring, when one darling, if not overly dramatic, little boy got up and said “ohhhh, noooooo. I live for Pinewood Derby. I don’t know if I can wait that long.” Cutest thing ever.

  3. Rocky Mountain Woman

    I think that pinewood derbies are a blast! Of course, I just attend grandkids derbies, don’t really do any actual work or anything…

  4. Tess

    love the pic of him in his shades…too cool 🙂

  5. becky

    great pictures visiting from jenny matlock

  6. jen

    One of the things that passes through my mind when I find out my baby is a boy is–three more pinewood derbies. And more boy scouts. Is that bad of me?

  7. ellen b

    What fun. I remember our pinewood derby days and ours was with our daughter not our sons…

  8. Karen S.

    What fun, and such a cool project ….and the best color ever!

  9. Erika at Artful Rising

    I remember my brother doing this with our cousin years ago. I think he might even still have that car.


  10. Jenny Matlock

    Oh man.

    I remember doing this years and years ago.

    What neat pictures!

    Thanks for such a splendid link for the letter S.

    I really appreciate the smile!


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