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Happy Birthday, Cole!

First of all, there’s NO WAY that I’m old enough to have an 18 year old. Let’s just put that out there right now.


But, that said, I want to wish my firstborn a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Sadly, the kid was born before we had a digital camera, so most of his baby pictures are still the old fashioned kinds in a photo album, not the digital kind that I can find on my computer. But what a cutie pie he is!

Cole, as the firstborn, has always been a GOOD kid. He never shouted “I hate you” at me, and has always been quite obedient. That’s just how he is. He tries his best to be the best he can. Which is good for a first child, especially when parents have NO IDEA what they are doing. I have apologized to him several times that he’s my experimental child, and I’m sorry if I’ve screwed up with him, and also thanking him for being the first (experimental) child. But hopefully he’s not too damaged. He seems to be turning out ok.

He’s a GREAT big brother. I don’t think the younger kids know how LUCKY they are to have a NICE brother, who doesn’t tease or torment them.

Cole is SO smart. But I already told you that, right. He is a GREAT boy, a wonderful son, and I am honored to be his mom. My greatest hope for all of my kids is that they can grow up to be responsible individuals, good examples to those around them, and happy well adjusted adults. A friend recently shared a quote with me that the end product of raising kids isn’t the kids, it’s the parents. I know I’m not quoting it right, but we as parents are the ones who are learning and growing through this experience. These kids are teaching us. Thank you, Cole, for teaching me how to be a mother.

I love YOU! Happy Birthday


  1. Janice Johnson

    Happy Birthday Cole!

  2. Jen

    Just for the record, I am almost two years younger than you and I have to wear the grandma hat. So yes you are old enough!

  3. JDaniel4's Mom

    I hope he had a wonderful day!

  4. Jenny Matlock

    Wow. He sounds wonderful. No wonder you’re bursting with pride! Happy belated Birthday to Cole, too!

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