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Yesterday was Lone Peak’s class of 2012 graduation.

How is it that we could go from this little boy to that high school graduate?

I don’t even want to go there. I mean, really, it seems like it was only a few years ago that we were celebrating MY high school graduation.

Cole’s graduation was at UVU, the first one of the day, 9:00 am, so our goal was to get there by 8 am to get a seat. Cole was supposed to be there at 8 am to practice and line up, too. We let him drive his own car so we wouldn’t slow him down.

I got this banner for him, and it even came in time. Hooray! Not sure what we’re going to do with it NOW, but we’ll let Cole decide, I guess.

Since Lone Peak lets all the graduates sit with their friends, it was pretty hard to find Cole in the SEA of graduates,

(Think you can pick him out?)
but I snuck a peak and a photo when they took their caps off for the National Anthem.

The talks were good, (and short) and I’m sure they hurried to get through all 600 plus graduates. I didn’t get great pictures, just a blur of him walking across the stage, but I might get better shots from my dad. And by 10:30, it was over. They moved their tassels from one side to the other, and they were done!

Then we had to meet up in the sea of graduates and family outside.

Thanks to cell phones, we eventually did find him so that we could congratulate him and take some pictures!

Since Ryan and I feel like WE earned this graduation, we decided to put on the hat, too. Plus, Ryan said he had NO pictures from when he graduated. I doubt that, but now we have this one.

We are SO proud of all of our kids. It’s a joy to see how different they all are, and we rejoice in their accomplishments. We are proud to say that Cole will be going to BYU in the fall, and we hope it’s a wonderful experience for him.


  1. Yea! Congratulations Cole!

  2. I just wanted to say that I LOVE that graduation photo of you. It just captures who you are.

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