John has been playing baseball again this spring. We love coach Garry and honestly would put him in any sport as long as Garry was the coach. Not only is he a wonderful coach, but he’s a neighbor of ours, and he’s a wonderful coach. He played college and pro football back in the day, and he’s patient, kind, and a great coach. John’s little gang of neighborhood boys is all on the team together and it’s really fun to go to the games. This season has been especially nice. The weather has been perfect! We remember all too well last spring, when we would watch games huddled together under umbrellas, wrapped in blankets and jackets to keep warm.

While he hasn’t always WANTED to go to his practices and games, once he’s there, he enjoys the game.

While he started out a reluctant player, he’s gotten so that he can hit that ball, and he’s a GREAT runner. We still need to work on catching and throwing a bit, but he has scored quite a few runs. There he goes….

And he scores! I love this picture of him running to home, with his coach waiting.

His team has now entered the tournament, and they won their first game last week. Hopefully they can win again this week and stay in the tournament, but even if they don’t win, it’s been a GREAT season, and John has had a lot of fun.