That’s one big wind storm!
Just kidding.

Well, it really WAS a big storm, but that’s not what brought the limb down.

Hubby took them down with a chainsaw.

Those Russian Olive trees are so big and ugly, with huge thorns on them, they are really a junk tree. But, since we don’t have any other trees that are nearly that tall, we do appreciate the shade. But he decided to cut them down a bit so that they looked more like actual trees, not just huge bushy things.

Also, they were cutting down on the sunlight for his little gardening buckets that he had planted. I don’t have pictures of those yet, but I’ll post about the bucket system soon.

Cole and Megan have already taken two trips to the green recycle center with our little truck LOADED with tree branches, and we still aren’t done. Sometimes it would be nicer to have a bigger truck.

But the silhouette of the trees looks SO much better now that they are trimmed.

What a BORING POST! Here I am rambling on about trees! When I should be telling about our wonderful summer vacation! Well, I’m just glad that school is over. We can be done with art projects spread out on the counter for many many hours.

And I hopefully won’t be tripping on the many backpacks that seem to litter the floor and all other surfaces of the kitchen and family room during the school year. I’m banishing the backpacks to THEIR rooms, out of my way.

I like that we see a lot more of this. The kids have time to read, and not just for school. They can immerse themselves in books, and enjoy the lazy summer reading days. I am also enjoying some extra reading time, and I’m halfway through the book 3 WEEKS WITH MY BROTHER by Nicholas Sparks that I started yesterday.

We also get to work on projects. Here is Natalie cutting out fabric for a quilt she is going to be working on this summer.

And here’s Jenna working on some cartoon drawings for friends she likes to make.

Summer. Bring it on.