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Car keys

Since the 16 year old now has her license and is driving a bit, it would be helpful if she had keys to the cars. The old junker cars, I mean.

So I took her to Ace Hardware with both the keys to the old truck and the old camry to make copies so she wouldn’t have to constantly ask her brother if she could use the keys. It went less than smoothly. First of all, the guy couldn’t FIND the key to use for the ’88 Camry. Yes, I said ’88. I know some of you weren’t even alive in ’88, but that’s the year of this car. Finally the girl who was working there (who we happen to know) came over to help him find the right key, and then he worked on making a copy. He managed to copy the key for the ’90 Nissan truck ok, but that Camry key was giving him trouble. He finally turned the job over to the girl.

Meanwhile, my daughter and I had roamed Ace Hardware looking at paint colors, looking at seeds, looking at plants, and they STILL didn’t have it done. I went to go pick up my other daughter from her friend’s house, and came back.

“Is she done with that key, yet?” I asked.
“DANG,’ said the clerk, and threw another key into the trash.
It wasn’t going well, as the key was slightly bent.

“You know,” I said, “it’s a really old car, and it probably doesn’t have to be exact to start it. Why don’t you just give us one of those that you messed up on, and we’ll try it.”
Glad to be rid of us, she gave us one of the failure keys.

Turns out, it’s good enough. It seems to work in the car.

But whey my daughter took the truck today, she says her key turns the car ON, but the radio, and windsheild wipers don’t work with her key.

What? We’ll have to look into that.

So, in honor of old cars everywhere (and specifically one old Camry)…

Linking up with Jenny Matlock for the letter C.
Jenny Matlock


  1. It must be really fun to be able to drive when you are 16 yrs old. I only had my car licence when I was 18.

  2. I hope you were finally able to get a key that works.

  3. I love the tribute! Very cool. Have a terrific weekend. Your key story was crazy!

  4. Camry!! My absolute favorite car. I loved mine. I had it for 12 years and the key was actually worn out. But, that car just ran like a top!
    Isn’t it funny how making keys seems to be difficult now? I have had adventures in key making also, but none, nope, not even one such as the Nissan key turning on the truck but not the radio/wipers! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So cool, and they are a good car! Enjoy these days!

  6. Haha that’s so bizarre that it will start the car but nothing else works!

  7. Wow! Don’t you hate when you go run a simple errand and it takes forever! Ugh!

  8. We had an 89 Camry for forever. It drove from UT to CA and ID to visit our parents and then from UT to Chicago more times than I remember, twice from Chicago to DC, twice from Chicago to Phoenix where we finally sold it with more than 244000 miles on it. RIP is right.

  9. Loved this…there’s something special about having your own set of keys…even better than just having a driver’s license. Great story about the key duping, too.

  10. I am always frustrated getting keys made.

    I make my husband go…just because I get annoyed and want to knock the clerk out of the way to do it myself.


    Is that wrong?

    This was really a clever use for the letter C. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful daughter, too!

    Thanks for linking.


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