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Random December

Some stuff that’s been going on here. I don’t really have time to elaborate on everything, but I’ll show some pictures.

Now that they have a cozy warm house, the chickens have been more regular in their egg laying. But every once in a while we get an especially small or large one.

Here’s the little gift that the cat left on the doorstep for us. I guess that means she has accepted us as her family?

John felt he needed a mustache. Not sure why he had to do it with a sharpie, but it eventually came off.

We took the family to Thanksgiving Point to see the lights there. There were even reindeer!

I took the kids bowling. I was really only going to bowl ONE game, but they had a special text in offer so we got two games for the price of one. Fun times, even though we were NOT the best bowlers. Halfway through our second game, a whole group of cute guys came in and all bowled together. A league of some kind. We weren’t intimidated at all.

A portion of the Bells on Temple Square were there last Sunday in the conference center to record a little something in response to this..

I don’t exactly know where or when that will air, but we did it.

Here’s my lovely Natalie right before her choir concert. I hemmed her annoyingly slippery dress this week for her, and she did GREAT in her concert.

We had a wonderful Christmas present delivered this week…sheet rock!

The hangers came and got the whole basement hung in one day. Wow! I think they are coming this week to do some mudding and taping. Woo-Hoo!

On December 7th, it was St. Nikolaus Tag, which is when St. Nikolaus comes and brings candy and gifts to the good children. So, in our shoes were treats, and we even woke to little stockings with our initials on them.

More pictures and stories to come!


  1. Fabulous Post Paige.. I loved the Basketball Carol of the Bells. … And Natalie is looking beautiful as usual!

  2. Thanks for the dozen fresh chicken eggs–they are delicious! And the kids were all fascinated with the different colors. I told them the green ones are from black chickens, the tan are from brown chickens, and the white are from white chickens. Is that right?

  3. The green ones are actually from our brown chickens. The brown eggs are from our light brown and black chickens. The white ones that we get are from also from a brown chicken..isn’t that funny? I do think white chicken do lay white eggs.

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