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Bragging on my sister

My talented artist sister Amy did the artwork for Music and the Spoken word on Sunday. This is her third time in three months that they have asked her to do this, so I hope it’ll be a regular job for her. When she told me that she was doing some paintings for their Thanksgiving show, I was excited. She gets to paint the Mayflower and some pilgrims reaching the country.

In fact, here’s one of the paintings.

Mayflower crossing

Isn’t that awesome? I just love the colors of the waves, and the details on the boat. Of course, she’s done a whole series of paintings about boats, so she should be good at that. Any who, when she was telling me about this latest assignment, I mentioned that she should have one of the people leaning over the side throwing up. Since, really, isn’t that what they would be doing the whole time? I know I would, and hence am very thankful that I was not required to cross the ocean for months at a time on a boat.
So, if you look very very closely, you might just be able to see this:

throwing up pic
It’s a guy throwing up over the side! How cool is that? She took my suggestion, and even painted it in the painting! It’s like a my own personal “Hi Paige” wave being broadcast over the tv via the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! Isn’t that great?! I was pretty impressed, that’s for sure.
You can go to her site and see the other painting and the story that goes with it.
So, if you didn’t catch Music and the Spoken word this morning at 9:30, then shame on you. No, just kidding. You can watch it next week on KSL at 8 am or 4, I believe, and look for the awesome illustrations, and enjoy the lovely music.


  1. That is really cool. And only we will be privy to that secret little “Hi, Paige”. I only wish I could ever get Music and the Spoken word here.

  2. That’s wonderful – your sister is very talented, and how nice of you to brag on her!

  3. Those paintings are really georgeous. I saw music and the spoken word yesterday and remember thinking how pretty all the paintings were – wow, that is soooo cool! I love the little barfing Pilgrim, too!

  4. What beautiful paintings! You had mentioned at Book Club dinner about the throwing up pilgrim. I love it!

  5. That’s awesome! How much would she sell a copy of that for? I’ve got three Mayflower ancestors and I would love to tell the kids that the one throwing up is one of them. Lol!

  6. Actually, the program next week will be on Channel 11. People will be confused if they think they can find it on Channel 5. I didn’t know there was someone throwing up in the picture and that you had suggested it. Way to go!

  7. Thanks for the correction, Mom–I was about to post that. Also, if you don’t have channel 5 or 11 in your area, you can go to and watch a rebroadcast on Wednesday or Sunday at certain times.

    Thanks for the compliments!

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