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When we came downstairs this morning, we found an unwelcome sight. “What’s wrong with Zuzu?” Natalie asked. I went to go and look in the bird cage, and sure enough, our little Zuzu was laying down on the bottom of the cage. Birds don’t just lie down, so we knew something was wrong. She was dead. Now, we’ve kind of been expecting old Sundance to die first, since he’s really old in bird years (he’s older than my oldest child, so he’s got to be at least 14!), but weren’t prepared at all for the death of Zuzu.
The kids were all crying, and we put her in a shoe box. (And by ‘we’, I mean Ryan, as I didn’t really want to be touching any dead things.) They were able to say goodbye to her, and we’ll have a little funeral and burial after school today. They were writing little notes and drawing pictures to put in her box with her.

This is the first death we’ve had in our family, other than that silly goldfish that lasted about 3 days–we didn’t even have time to get attached to it. It’s a good thing for the kids to know that everyone eventually dies, but it’s a harsh truth. They are going to have a very sad day.

So, rest in peace, Zuzu. We will miss you.


  1. We send out condolences. Zuzu will be missed. :neutral::sad::cry:

  2. I send my condolences to you all in your grieving for ZuZu.

  3. Oh Zuzu ! I’m sorry.

  4. I lost a bird when I was five years old – it was my first pet. I’m so sorry for all of you!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about Zuzu’s passing. She will be sorely missed. I hope your kids recover. Let me know if you want to call my friend Elena for another bird. . .

  6. I remember when we found both of our finches dead in their cage on the same day. They we’re lying on top of each other in the feeder in the strangest position. I don’t know if they killed each other or what. It will always be mysterious.

    Sorry for Zuzu’s passing.

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