I didn’t really tell much about our Christmas. We’ve been so busy I have hardly had time to go through all the pictures.

Christmas eve we changed things up a bit. We decided to go out to dinner at our favorite Mexican place, Los Hermanos.

We had hosted back to back parties, and I didn’t want to do another party for Christmas eve, so it was just our family. It was snowy and icy all day, too, so I didn’t want to make the grandparents travel.

On Christmas morning, the kids were all up by 7, waiting for us. Don’t you love how some of them can’t even wait a FEW minutes without a book?

Santa had come, and been kind.

And so had Mom and Dad.

Chaos? Yep, pretty much.

The kids all got pretty much spoiled, what with gifts from Santa, Mom and Dad and all their brothers and sisters. I don’t know if Larissa had experienced such a big chaotic Christmas with so many people ever before. As part of the family, she exchanged gifts, too.

Later, the grandparents came over for dinner and game playing.

Ryan had made my dad and his dad a cribbage board. Made it himself!

As for my gift, Ryan got me about $500 of paint.


Right after Christmas, he and Cole went to work.

They got the walls primed, the ceiling painted, and the trim painted. Unfortunately, my computer is not recognizing my camera anymore, so it’s difficult to get more pictures up, but soon I’ll tell you about our painting COLOR and the disasters that ensued there.

It was a wonderful Christmas season.