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Still a mess, yes, but getting closer

I have been trying to get some decent pictures of the basement to show what we have been doing. But honestly, my pictures haven’t turned out great. Plus, sometimes the progress is so slow, it doesn’t seem like there’s much change. In the past couple of weeks we have done a lot of painting, and are happy to say we’ve finished that part, except some touch ups, of course.

Can you tell what’s happening here?

Well, we had some of these can light rings to paint, and realized that the ones in the upstairs were looking dingy, as well. So, Ryan took down all the can lights (bulbs and rings), and cleaned them all

And then he painted them all white, so they would stay white.

Megan and Larissa were very helpful, put almost all of the lights back in, and attached the rings.


It’s hard to get a good shot of a paint color when we are talking about a basement. Depending on how much light there is and if I use a flash, the color doesn’t look right in the picture. Lets just say that the outside wall of the family room/kitchen combo is this lovely yellow.

Progress is messy.

But this pictures shows the other walls are a light tan. But depending on the time of day, the opposite walls look more or less yellow. Those cute pendant lights were my idea. There will eventually by an island there, with those lights right over the bar. Right now it just looks like random lights hanging down, but I LOVE them.

I loved that yellow so much, I put it into the bathroom, too.

There’s a picture with the tile I picked out.

Saturday was a busy day for all of us. It was Jenna’s birthday party, and we were busy making and decorating the perfect cake!

She invited a bunch of friends over and we took them all to see Wreck it, Ralph. We needed Megan to drive so that we could get all those girls to the movie. We took up one whole row. Fun party.

She loved her cake and had a fun time with her friends.

While we were busy partying, Ryan was busy in the basement.

Woo-Hoo! I wish we had three or four Saturdays in a row, because there’s still a lot of tile to do. I offered to help, but Ryan has declined my help. Perhaps he knows I don’t know how to tile and I would just be in the way. But he DID let me help him wire up a light fixture and a plug.
Yeah, I’m helpful that way.

In Megan’s room, my sweet neighbor was over and said, “I think I have bedding that would match that blue,” and sure enough, she had a perfect bedspread that they weren’t using anymore that she just gave us. She also gave us sheets and shams–the whole bundle. WAY COOL! Of course there’s no bed in there, but when the tile is finished, then the carpet can go in, and THEN we can move her down there.

Can you believe it? It’s like we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. That’s so exciting to see your basement come together! I’ll have to see it some day soon. I don’t think I’ve even been to your house since Ryan was still working on the electrical.

  2. Oooo…cool lights. It is all looking good…I can’t wait to see it. Cute owl cake…it made me hungry. (Happy Birthday Jenna!!)

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