It seems like there is not a day that goes by that I am not at the elementary school for some reason. This week, for example, I will be at the Book Fair twice, parent teacher conference on Thursday, I’m subbing on Wednesday, and I am always there for chime choir twice a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I was there subbing last Friday, too. So, today, I was kind of excited that I didn’t have any reason to be at the school.

Oh darn. That bulletin board.

I guess I signed up to do the bulletin board again this month, and today was really the only day to do it. Another trip to the school it it.

I did this bulletin board.

Except that I have three LONG rows of hearts, because it’s a pretty wide board. On the back of each heart, there are valentine’s jokes. Extremely corny valentine’s days jokes that third graders should just love. So, when the month is over, or on Valentine’s day, or whenever, she can take down a heart and read a joke. Kind of a bonus because it’s such a simple board.

While I was up there standing on the counter to take down the last stuff and put this stuff up, it was fun to “sit in” on John’s class and listen to his teacher. I wish I had that kind of classroom control, I will tell you that. She was teaching them about division and every student had a handful of cheerios to make groups and divide the numbers, etc. I’m glad I can help out a little bit in the classroom, and I’m glad John has such a great teacher.

And I’m glad that bulletin board is done and that I don’t have to do it next month.