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Hang in there, baby

Remember those old posters that we had at about the jr high era of the cat hanging in the tree that said, “Hang in there, baby”? Now with the internet and facebook, it seems pictures like that are shared all the time. This is how we found the kitty the other day. She looks like she’s just about given up.

You may remember that this kitty ‘joined’ us last July when she just started hanging around the house, and when Marie, our exchange student from France was worried about the cat that had been there for 3-4 days, we fed it a little bit. Well, now I guess we have a cat. A 3 legged cat.

I have been a little worried about her this winter. There’s been a LOT of snow, and so MANY nights WAY below freezing. I just wondered how she could survive when it’s so cold. I bought her a little cozy bed and put the heated pet mat below that, and gave her an old wool blanket. But more often than not, when I see her outside, it’s not in her cozy bed. I brought the heated dog dish out of the chicken coop (they were just making a mess of it and I got them a new water dish) and plugged that in on the porch so that her water won’t freeze. I guess she does ok with the cold. The other day when we had SO MUCH snow, and I spent many hours shoveling, she padded out through the falling snow to say hello.

Her feet left little paw print melt marks in the snow, and she was happy to play in the snow.

After that snowstorm, by the way, things looked like this.

With snow up to the swing, I don’t think anyone felt like swinging.

Or jumping on the trampoline.

And that sidewalk that I had shoveled twice already looked like this.

But we made it through January with it’s inversion and it’s really really really cold temps. So, hang in there baby, it’s only a couple of months until spring, right?


  1. I won’t tell you our temps for today. That would be cruel. But remind me of this day in August,K?

  2. I have been shoveling the chicken run to give the chickens some space to be besides in their little coop. I’m worried it’s all going to be a big swampy, nasty mess in another month or so. 🙁 And mucking out the chicken coop in winter? BLECH!! I don’t remember it being such a difficult job. Very different with things being frozen. Now I’m just hoping the wood floor of the coop doesn’t rot from being permanently wet.

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