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Mere words cannot adequately describe my excitement

I am so excited, I can hardly describe it, but I’ll try.

Last night’s concert was Great! It was especially nice to just do the concert without two hours of rehearsal first. Although it’s wonderful to perform in such a beautiful amazing setting, it’s quite tiring. Our bells are stored way down behind the stage, and for every song we get to go down two flights of stairs, change bells, get ready for the next song, traipse back up the stairs and do the next number.

Anyway, we had a great concert! The King’s Singers were amazing, and the cute one who kind of looks like Dr. McDreamy even said hi to me backstage. After the last song, we stood there smiling up in our spots by the organ pipes and then were dismissed. We went down to the back, put our bells away and started walking through the conference center to go and change, trying to beat the choir, who were still in their seats.

Just past the drinking fountains I saw what must have been a vision. I must be hallucinating or it’s the cold medicine or something, but that looks just like….Donny Osmond! It IS Donny Osmond! The same Donny Osmond that I’ve been wanting to meet for like…my whole entire life! Standing there with his lovely wife and someone who was probably his son. They looked like they were waiting for someone. Waiting for me! I couldn’t just walk right on by, so I went up to him and shook his hand. I can’t recall exactly what was said, but our interaction went something like this:

Crazed fan in a black dress: Oh my gosh, it’s Donny Osmond! I’m a huge fan! Blubber Blubber stupidly.
Donny:(as crazed fan is shaking his hand) Thank you.
Crazed fan in a black dress: Did you enjoy the concert?
Donny: It was wonderful.
Crazed fan who couldn’t think of anything intelligible to say but so would have loved to sit and chat with Donny for a very long time: Thank you!

Then I left and walked away. Walked away from Donny. My friend Darrell was right there walking by and I caught up with him, and said in a high squeaky voice, “That was Donny Osmond! I shook Donny’s hand!”
And Darrell, oh so kindly, said to me, “Don’t freak out!”
“I’m not freaking out,” I said in a voice that was so high and squeaky that only dogs could understand, “but you saw, right? You saw me shake Donny Osmond’s hand, right? You are my witness.”
Darrell responded, “And I have my camera right here. Too bad you didn’t think of that.”
“Oh, I wish I could have gotten a picture, or an autograph or something! I have no proof! But you are my witness, right?”
“I’ll deny it.” Thank you, Darrell, for your support. So I made him promise me that the next time I meet Donny and shake his hand, he will have his camera ready and take a picture for me.

In the dressing room I told my fellow bell choir members, “I shook Donny Osmond’s hand!” And when I told my carpool, they were excited for me, since they do know of my long standing wish to just meet Donny Osmond. So, even though traffic was horrible getting out of the parking garage and it was a long drive home and I was extremely tired, I was on cloud nine.

Mere words cannot adequately describe my excitement.

Merry Christmas, Paige.


  1. Well, you certainly got up early so you could write about that! I guess you don’t need to answer my email about how the concert was now. I should have read your blog first. I’m glad you got to meet and shake Donny Osmond’s hand. That’s pretty cool. You aren’t going to wash that hand now, are you?

  2. I totally hate you! 🙂

  3. Wow! I’m so happy for you!

  4. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:COOL!

  5. :mrgreen: C :mrgreen: O :mrgreen: O :mrgreen: L :mrgreen:!!!!

  6. How exciting!

    The only person I would have gotten all flustered and super excited over meeting, is now deceased. 🙁

  7. Paige: I wish you had been there when I passed Pierce Brosnan on the streets of London because you would have at least forced me to go up to him! He passed right by, with NOBODY AROUND, and I totally chickened out. I just stared, and passed, and tried to get an inconspicuous picture and failed. Miserably. I’m glad somebody’s dream came true, and I’m glad it was you!

  8. Congratulations. We saw him getting gas in Mexico once. We actually weren’t sure if it was him and then we yelled, “hey Donny” and he looked up. But I actually didn’t say hi or anything nearly as cool.

  9. Paige
    I just got back from the MoTab concert. It was FABULOUS! I loved IT!!! It was so much fun watching you and they had a great close up of you on one of the songs and I pointed you out to my friend. Great job!!

  10. Unbelievable–one more thing to check off on your “Things to do in this life” list.

  11. How very cool!!! 🙂 Congratulations!

  12. Way to go, Paige! You’re the man! or something (quote from Mulan). I’m so glad you got to meet him, and I didn’t even have to ask my neighbor to get him to come meet you or anything! What a nice almost-birthday present.

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