Way back at the beginning of December, I mentioned the the kids had entered a winter art show, and done very well. Well, since that time, I’ve been meaning to post pictures. Their artwork hung in the library until the beginning of January, and I finally got it back and took some pictures.

Natalie's art
This one is Natalie’s (age 9) and I love how it turned out. She did such a great job. I love the elf, and how he’s facing away from us. She earned a first place ribbon and $5.

Jenna did this snowman scene. She’s done quite a few snowmen this winter season.

megan's art
This one is Megan’s Santa picture. I’m really proud of her, and think she did a great job. She won best in show, but then the show is only for kids ages 5-11, so as an 11 year old, she had a sincere advantage. Along with her big ribbon came a cash prize of $20!