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Are you blue?

Today I won ticket to go and see Blue Man Group on Saturday night. Hoo-Ray!

That will be a great reward for NOT SHOPPING all month. I’m happy to say that I only caved a little. I only hit Target that one tiny time. Same with Old Navy, and then I returned some of it. I didn’t step foot in Kohl’s at all, and there was very little on line shopping, either. I’m hoping that the January Amex bill will be at least 1/2 of the amount of the December bill. And the snow and cold? That helped, because I don’t really want to leave the house at all, so shopping isn’t so much of a draw.

I’m getting things ready for Jenna’s birthday party on Saturday. Yesterday I made lots and lots of cupcakes. 3 different kinds of cupcakes, and then I’m going to frost them and somehow make toadstools or something out of them for her upcoming fairy party. Or so I thought.

Since they frost easier if they are frozen, and since it’s a frozen tundra wasteland out there, I covered a tray of cupcakes with foil, and set it out on the trailer in the garage. Cold enough to freeze, but it’s not going to get snow on it like outside.

Until the whole tray somehow fell off the trailer and onto the garage floor. Well, not ALL of them fell on the floor. A few of them landed on a stroller. Yippee. Now, I don’t know about you, but I just wouldn’t feel right about giving these cupcakes to…well, anyone, so I threw them all in the trash. There was also a great deal of stomping around on my part, I’ll tell you.

Now I get to repeat the whole process (well, not the falling on the floor part, but the rest of it) tomorrow. Ugh.


  1. I almost called you to use your unusual skills to win me tickets to Blue Man Group–I’m so jealous!!!

  2. Hi Paige. A while ago I made a couple of pies to give to people, and set them in the garage to cool. They were sitting on a chair—- where the dog found them and licked a hole right to bottom of one of them!

  3. I was seriously considering going to Blue Man Group in Las Vegas last month, but decided against it, because, really, how much fun is Blue Man Group by yourself.

    Now I’m *really* glad I didn’t go.


  4. Oh, how sad. At least you didn’t have them frosted yet. Good luck today getting everything done. You work too hard!!!!

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