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Warning–this is another post about my silly dreams. So, if disjointed dream stories annoy you, click away now.

That said, I’ve been having the most vivid “right before I wake up” dreams lately. I mean I’ve always been a dreamer, but for the past few days I’ve been waking up with very specific dream memories. Last night I dreamed I went to get my haircut. Not just any haircut, however, this was a combination hair salon/ car detail place run by some Greek immigrants. So, I dropped off my van on the outside, told them I wanted the wash and vacuum option, then went inside to get my hair cut. Brilliant idea, isn’t it? I’ve also thought that the Orthodontist should team up with an oil change place so that you could get your child’s teeth adjusted while getting your oil changed! Isn’t that brilliant? Anyway, back to my dream…In my dream, these people, even though they were Greek, were speaking German. I guess that’s from my experience with many immigrants from all over who once they lived in Germany, they had to learn German–more or less. So, since these dream people were speaking German, I was also speaking German. They complemented me on my German, in fact. “Hast du in Deutschland gewohnst?” they asked.
“Ja, aber es ist 16 Jahre vor!” I replied.
“Ach, so! Dein Deutsch is noch gut.” They said.
“Vielen Dank!” I said. (And if you are a German speaker, you are probably cringing right now, as my German REALLY isn’t good anymore, and I appologize for putting you through such a painful experience.)

Now, it’s been a good 16 years since I have exercised my brain in speaking German, and it’s a wonder my brain didn’t explode. But in my dream, I was conjugating those verbs, using ‘Sie’ and ‘du’ appropriately, and coming up with words I haven’t thought about or used in quite some time.

Which makes me wonder–does my brain still have all that German knowledge all stored up, just waiting to use? I hope so.

Another item of business–My administrator switched my blog to a new server (or something like that), and a friend of mine emailed me yesterday asking me where my blog was…she couldn’t find me! I sent her a link and then she was able to get her, but I’m wondering if any of you faithful readers (I know there are at least three of you) had difficulty getting here. Are the links still working? Is anybody out there even reading this? Sometimes I wonder.


  1. Ha ha ha. I have crazy dreams sometimes too. Sometimes I wake up thinking, “wow, that could be a great movie” and when I start telling my DH all about it, I realize its beyond random and dumb, and would make a horrific movie.

  2. I did notice your site was down for a few days, but thought that your administrator ( hubby) was changing things around. Stuff like that always is happening here. Glad you are back and running.

  3. OK, my old link is working again. It was not earlier this morning, but now it’s fine.

    That’s really cool that you could subconsciously speak fluent German! Now I want a German dream!! I miss the language so much, and I’ve totally lost it over the years.

  4. I’m still here! And, yes — I had the same problem of your site being down for a few days, but now you seem to be in the same place again.

  5. Just FYI on the ‘hosting issue’…

    I did switch the blog over to a new server, and when I did, I put in ‘’, but not ‘’, so those of you who use the ‘paige’ version it still worked fine for… Those of you who think she’s ‘super’… not so much.

  6. I will always and forever think she is SUPER!!!

  7. Oh, how sweet! Tina wins 150 blogger points for her super sweet comment.

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