The Trials of a Busy Mom

New shoes cure the blues, right?

Wow, look at these cute shoes I just ordered for the girls!
Well, two of the girls. The ones whose feet will fit in size 3 and size 5 this summer. I’m sure that someone here will fit the bill. Aren’t they darling! And less than 7 bucks from L.L Bean right now. Thanks so much to Mir from Want not for pointing out this great deal. Free shipping, too!

And speaking of shoes, on Monday Natalie needed to take a shoe box to school. I was unavailable, so she asked Dad to help her find a shoebox. He looked in our closet, and sure enough, there’s some shoeboxes up in the closet (they have shoes in them). He took a pair out of a box, gave it to Natalie, and everyone was happy. But then when he saw me, he said, “You have a lot of shoes.” He said it in a way that sounded like he was surprised.
“Yes,” I said.
“There’s a whole lot of shoes in the closet,” he said.
“Yes,” I said. Did he just notice that there’s a whole lot of shoes up there in the closet? We’ve lived together for 15 years and he’s just now noticing that I happen to like shoes? Wow.

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  1. Ryan

    C’mon. I know you love shoes. It’s more that I was surprised by the *magnitude* of shoeage in the closet.

    I mean, it’s not Imelda Marcos territory, but it crept up on me.


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