I had such an amazing experience with the Scarlet Pimpernel, that when director Jerry told us about the next project he was directing, I was interested. A show in during the day that doesn’t conflict with EVERYTHING my family has going on in the evenings? That sounds like something I could get behind.

The write up on the Scera website said:

In this magical coming-of-age musical from the composers of past favorites How I Became A Pirate and Rapunzel, we meet the teenage wizard, Merlin, his boyhood friend King Arthur, and the bewitching Morgana in mythical ancient England. Merlin must choose between Morgana and her offer of ultimate magical power or friendship with Arthur and Guinevere. Performed by a cast of adult actors, this Theatre for Young Audiences production is perfect for families with children. Featuring magic tricks, slight-of-hand, illusions and more! Directed by Jerry Elison.

I went and auditioned, and was cast as Nimue, the Lady of the Lake. It’s not a huge part, but enough to be fun. We rehearse in the day, and we’ll perform every weekday for school children at ten am, with public performances on Monday and Friday nights.

So, yes, I will have to be gone for three Monday nights and three Friday nights, but that’s not TOO much of a disruption for the family.

It’s been fun working with this small cast. Rehearsals haven’t been too bad, but Monday we start rehearsing with our set, then add in costumes and other tech things, so they may be longer than just the two hours. We open a week from Monday, which worries me a little.

I think it will be a really fun show for kids, with magic and some fun special effects.