This week was a killer, with 7 Merlin shows, two bells rehearsals for me, four chime classes, cub scouts, two junior high concerts, Thriller with the girls, a quick trip to California for Ryan…. and the list goes on.

ANYWAY, we’ve all gotten a bit behind on keeping the house clean.

And the garage was so full of stuff to go to DI, leaves, trash, bikes, grass clippings, etc, it was kind of a joke.

I came home from a rehearsal on Saturday and found the contents of our garage out on the grass. I was SUCH a beautiful day for it, but I was conflicted. Hooray! Ryan’s cleaning out the garage/Boo! He’s going to want me to help. But actually I didn’t help much at all. Natalie and Ryan did most of it, with a little help from Jenna and John.

I did NOT take a before picture. Really, you don’t want to know. But after they were done, it looked like this.


NICE! So thankful that Ryan took the initiative and that Natalie worked alongside him for the whole morning to get that clean.