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This gives you a good excuse to watch Oprah

Ryan told me last week that some people from his office were going to Chicago to film a segment for the Oprah show. I of course tried to weasel my way into a trip, because it’s been my long-standing goal to see the Oprah show in person. I almost made it when we lived in Illinois, but that was when that whole mad cow thing was going on, and unfortunatly, Oprah was in Texas. So, no, I haven’t been to the Oprah show, but one day I will! And neither has Ryan. He wasn’t one of the people who went to Chicago, but his company, Control 4 will be featured on the Oprah show today.

Control4 was highlighted by The Oprah Winfrey Show as an affordable, whole home automation system. The segment was filmed earlier this week and we were just notified that the segment will be aired on Friday, April 25, 2008, check your local listing for time and channel information.

Nate Berkus, Oprah’s Home Editor and Designer, talks about Control4 on the show and Oprah mentions Control4 and talks about some of the features of the product. Nate pitches Control4 as a great product because you can start small and add to your home automation system over time.

The following features were highlighted:

* IP Camera showing the ability to see your home or another room when you are not there
* All off button. Demonstrating the ability to push one button that will shut off virtually anything you want before you go to bed or leave your home.
* Multi-room Music. Control4 demonstrated how you can simply listen to your music throughout your home.

And if Oprah likes something, you know what kind of an endorsement that is? Wow! So, you know what I’ll be doing today at 4:00. If I remember. But my tv will remember, even if I don’t.


  1. Kristy

    That is so cool! Too bad Ryan didn’t get to go, although I guess it’s best if you weren’t going to be able to tag along with him. I haven’t watched it yet, but I taped it! Can you chalk this up to more job security?

  2. Amber

    WOW, this really is cool! And I am wondering how I missed this episode when I record it every day!

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