The Trials of a Busy Mom

Where’s Alice when I need her?

It’s a stressful week around here at Casa Erickson. This week is my concert (and I’ll try not to be pushy, but I would LOVE it if you came, and you can get tickets here. Or I’m sure it won’t be full, and they’d probably let you in without a ticket if you decide to come at the last minute). Which is great. I’m excited and quite a bit nervous. I mean, as of our last rehearsal, I know I wasn’t ready for a concert. But we’re going to think positively here. So, that means I’ll be gone tonight, tomorrow night, Friday night and Saturday night.

And did I mention that it’s soccer season tournament week? Oh, yeah. That means that Megan has games last night (which they won 4-0!), Friday night and Saturday morning, with a practice on Thursday night.

And did I mention that it’s women’s conference this week? And I, foolishly thinking that I can do it all, signed up to go on Thursday. I knew I couldn’t go on Friday, but I somehow thought I could squeeze in Thursday. I’m sure we can do it. I’ll be picking up my friend Robin from the airport at approximately 8:35 am, then whisking her down to Provo with me in the rain or snow.

The kids also have a primary talent show this Friday, and the girls are getting ready for their dance recital and band concerts next week. So, no, we’re not busy. Just figuring out how everyone is going to get where they need to go, and who’s going to stay home, and who’s babysitting is a full time job right now.

I’ve stocked the fridge, so hopefully no one will need to go shopping this week, but someone does indeed have to fix the meals. In fact, this morning, I cooked up two dozen scrambled eggs so the kids could have something besides cereal (those complainers–just eat the cereal, why don’t you?). I’m trying to get a jump on the laundry, but that’s nearly impossible on a good week. And the house? I’m afraid it probably won’t be ‘company ready’. And I obviously have a problem with my priorities, since instead of going out and spraying those icky dandelions or cleaning off my kitchen counter, I’m in here blogging about it.

I just need an Alice. Where do you think she’s working today? Those Bradys had it good, didn’t they? 6 kids? Ha! That’s not so many. I’ve got 5, and I don’t have a housekeeper. But I sure would like one, wouldn’t you? Someone to cook the dinner, vacuum, dust, and keep the house tidy. I believe she also helped the kids with their homework, bathed Tiger the dog, and generally kept the house running. So what did Carol do? Did she have a job of some kind? Did she have to help Mike at the architecture firm? Did she volunteer for the PTA? Was she a primary president or relief society president? I mean, really–what did she do? I can’t remember. But I’m thinking she had it pretty easy there at the Brady house. Especially since all their problems could be tidily wrapped up in a 1/2 hour (well, an hour, if you count getting lost in the grand canyon). Wouldn’t we all be a little happier with a little more ‘Alice’ in our lives? Too bad we don’t live in tv land.


  1. Janice

    You are much cuter than Alice or Carol. Cuteness goes a long way.

  2. Lisa

    I often comment that I would love to have Alice as part of our family.

  3. Robin

    OK…so don’t worry about the house being company ready…I am company far too often for you to worry about that. Take a deep breath…relax. …and thanks for letting me come stay with you. 😉

  4. Christina

    How messy could their house really get? It only had 3 bedrooms, not including Alice’s.

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