Saving money is hard, and it’s sometimes stressful. After figuring out exactly what to buy and what coupons to use at Walgreens to take advantage of the Register Rewards and maximize my savings, I was frustrated when I did everything right and the $10 coupon did not print out. I had to have her call the manager, then wait for a manager, meanwhile feeling super awkward as other people looked at me wondering why I’m not checking out. But when the manager finally came, she looked at my receipt and confirmed that I had indeed purchased the required amounts, (4 Pantene products and 2 Always products–the joy of having lots of girls) and it should have printed it out. She printed out not only the $10 register reward, but also another $5 coupon. So, it was like a $5 bonus. Great! I felt like my hard work paid off.

Then, I was off to our local grocery store. I had counted out my coupons and written down exactly what I needed to purchase and which coupons to use. They currently have a special that if you buy four boxes of cereal, you get a free gallon of milk. I’m all over that one, and I had coupon match ups as well.

I bought
10 Progresso soups
12 boxes of cereal
3 gallons of milk
2 little debbie snack cake
1 box of Capri sun

I also picked up a can of mixed nuts for Ryan and a package of bird seed because I realized we were out of birdseed.

With the $10 off when you spend $50 coupon that came in the mail, I spent $35.95

SCORE! I felt like I finally did it right!
Now, as long as we are ok eating cereal for every meal, we’re set for the next week!